Project Planning is a key condition of success. When you need or want something, and you need to find out exactly what, how to get it and get support for the acquisition. It is used for: Institutional Development and Prepareness Activities. At some time in its life, it’s very important to any organisation activities.

Project planning does increase your chance of success; helps analyse assessment of present needs; consider future challenges by:

  1. Testing possibilities;
  2. Think through difficulties; and
  3. Prepare to overcome them. It involves the following:
  • Identify the nedds;
  • Prioritize;
  • Discuss;
  • Test;
  • Choose;
  • Agreeing;
  • Evaluation of the cost to reach the goal;
  • Anticipate problems; and
  • Get support for the entire life of the project / program / ect…

*** It is very important to exactly find out what the beneficiaries think of it. Have them involved at the early stage as much as possible.

*** Always be flexible, able to adapt accordingly with changes required by the project development.