In case of a problem or disturbance to its normal activities, an organisation is required to assist those affected. Organisation in daring situation must know their objectives before having to start response activities in 3 steps: Assess – Choose Objective – Implement Plan.

Need Assessment has 2 purposes:

  • Inform authorities of the priorities and intervention plans in place; and
  • Help authorities gaining outside support when required.

3 main priorities exist:

  1. Support of the basic needs;
  2. Protection of people and assets; and
  3. Address stresses (psychological, physical / medical)

Form of assistance and specific roles should be negotiated / established before. One should find out the following: type of emergency; who’s affected; number of people; cause / magnitude; condition (mortality / casualties); local capabilities; life saving capabilities; likelihood of re-occurrence.

Then it’s incorporated into the preparation plan, different GoV plans. A departmental auxiliary or representative will then act on its behalf IOT to work the mandate. Once roles, responsibilities of the operation / relief are identified, we must proceed ASAP. Need Assessment helps with this. An effective response to an event it always:

  1. Time critical
  2. Relying on current and available resources; and
  3. Can be pre-planned.

You must identify who will use the information. Data collected must be useful, understood (perception, facts) and relevant to specific users.