Information gathering and Reporting is essential to improve program planning and take sound decisive actions. It will clarify areas of concern and options available. Often given “low status” to reporting, it should be seen as essential in decision making.

Problem / caution. This process can be overwhelming, so one should be careful not to “drown” users in data collected but add coherence to planned activities.

Information and reporting system must have type of data to collect, exact users and particular issues and how to collect it. Once gathered, data must be kept, preserved, analysed, converted in reports which are then disseminated through the chain.

Must have:

  • Information that is relevant, logically formatted, come with comparison or evaluated, easy to read and with attention to major points;
  • Always have a clear purpose and a specific audience;
  • Have all staff understanding what is reported and the requirement to report;
  • Beneficiaries should always be consulted as very often there unsatisfied of what is being done or simply don’t fully understand the plan;
  • Today we have many types of reports: PER; PDR; Flights Safety; Mission Rep.; Malfunction Rep.; and
  • Others.