Civil-Military Coordination is a large part of the military profession. When used, it engages political, military, civilian and humanitarian elements together in order to: prevent blood bath; solve conflicts; and insure peace. It will create the environment where human relations can boost peace and improve quality of life of the people affected.

There are 2 aspects where CIMIC can help:

  • Operations and
  • Support of GoVs, NGOs.

There are used in 3 ways:

  • Promote prosperity;
  • Promote global peace and security; and
  • Promote desired values.

CIMIC is a very capable and important structure to have in place to help the situation following: bankrupts state; weak state; human rights abuse; disaster; environmental and health issues and population movements. It is particularly useful in the early phase of reconstruction process (when economy and social infrastructures are back in place) by dissuading from abusing the situation in protecting people and plans so the tasks can be delivered. It is most useful but it needs an early involvement in the process IOT build relationships, trust and most needed understanding what will required in the process.